To the parents:

  • - In order not to confuse players' uniforms - parents should put their child's initials on all items of equipment, so that in case of loss it can be understood to whom the uniform belongs;
    - Parents are allowed ONLY at open training sessions or competitions, which are informed in advance by the coach or club management;
    - Parents cannot interfere with training;
    - The decision to move a player from group to group, or to replace a coach, is not a one-person decision. It is a considered and deliberate decision to take a player or team to the next stage in their training;
    - Parents must show tact and respect for the coaching staff, Club management and the class, respond to comments and strictly adhere to Club rules;
    - The use of telephones is prohibited in class - to avoid misunderstandings, parents must turn off mobile communication devices when entering the gym or stadium;
    - Parents may encourage and praise players;
    - Parents may not force, shout, insult, humiliate or direct the actions of their own or another person's child. Otherwise - training will be terminated after the first warning, until the perpetrator is removed from the class;
    - A fee is charged for training at the Club. The monthly fee covers all costs associated with the rental of fields and halls, utilities, trainers' salaries, purchasing of equipment, etc;
    - Parents are required to make a monthly fixed payment to the Club account;
    - The decision to waive the fee for a particular child is made only by the management;