- The most important thing is not the system, but the style of play - creativity and pressure.
  • Attacking football
    - Our players must not play defensive football - it is totally uninteresting for spectators;
    - A player must not be afraid to take the ball into play and all his actions must be aimed at creating a goal-scoring situation - so passes back to the goalkeeper and defenders must be kept to a minimum;
  • Dominant football
    - Players must take the initiative, press and create conditions where the opposing team will be forced to make mistakes;
    - Players must be able to analyse the situation in order to anticipate events on the pitch;
  • Attractive football
    - players must be technical, individually strong bright personalities who set the tone of the game;
    - our players must get used to the fact that winning is not the best result, it's the game they show that counts;
    - technique, individual skill and tactical skill should be the hallmarks of our players.
  • Fast football
    - Our players must be quicker than their opponents through close and accurate passes, good ball handling, forward passes to the partners, quick ball handling and quick draws from set pieces;
  • Aggressive football
    - Sports anger must always be present at the game and players must have a strong willpower.
  • Initiative football
    - Our players have to take the initiative and make unconventional decisions. The coach and parents should encourage this in every way possible, thus developing the player's creativity!