INFONET JK RULE BOOK (translated from Estonian)

  1. General provisions.

    1.1. These Regulations shall regulate rights and obligations of JK Infonet in relation to a child and a parent (legal representative) during training sessions at JK Infonet as well as determine the procedure for the child and his/her accompanying persons (legal representatives) to attend training sessions.1.2 Children aged 4 to 17 years inclusive without any medical contraindications shall be admitted to JK Infonet.

    1.3 Initial admission to JK Infonet shall be made on the basis of the following documents:

    An application-contract regulating the relationship between the Parent (legal representative) and JK Infonet,
    a medical certificate confirming that the child is not contraindicated to play football, which the Parent shall submit within one month after signing the contract. The medical certificate shall be provided by the Parent (legal representative) on an annual basis. The Parent (legal representative) shall inform the coach about serious changes in the child's condition.

    1.4 When bringing a child to JK Infonet, the Parent (legal representative) agrees with this set of rules.

  2. Rules of preparing a child for the class.

    2.1 Each parent shall prepare his or her child for the class by familiarizing the child with the rules of Infonet JK, checking the personal clothing and equipment which must be clean and marked.

    2.2 Parents must inform the child that valuable items (phones, cameras, watches, gold jewellery, etc.) must be handed over to the trainer for the period of classes. Their coach and JK Infonet will not be held responsible for any items that have not been handed in.

  3. Class rules.

    3.1 If signs of fire are detected, the child must immediately leave the room or area and inform any adult.

    3.2 The child (juvenile) shall be required to stay with the team at the class, unauthorized leaving the class is not allowed. The child must also notify the coach of the need to leave the class (toilets, phone, etc.). A child may not participate in any tasks or activities for objective reasons (illness, doctor's prohibition).

    3.3 If the child feels unwell, he/she MUST inform the coach immediately. The parent shall be informed by the coach if the child's health deteriorates, accompanied by an emergency ambulance call or referral to an in-patient medical facility.

    3.4 Each child is obliged to treat the property of the other children and the property of JK Infonet with care. If equipment is lost due to negligence or mischief - the cost will be recovered from the player or players;

    3.5 Each child shall comply with the rules of conduct in public places (profanity, moral and physical abuse, incitement of ethnic hatred is not allowed, racist attitudes).

    3.6 The child shall be obliged to wear only the JK Infonet outfit. Any change of colours, logos, sponsor advertisements on the equipment is not allowed.

    3.7 The Child shall observe, and the Parent (legal representative) of the Child shall facilitate:

    Strict adherence to the daily routine, general and individual training regime, nutrition, rest and participation in competitions;
    Taking care of his or her health and personal hygiene and following strict medical and preventive procedures prescribed by the doctor
    Refraining from the use of drugs, pharmaceuticals or performance-enhancing methods without consulting a JK Infonet health-care professional
    Respect for moral and ethical norms of behaviour in the training process and in everyday life
    taking care of sports facilities, equipment, implements and uniforms
    attending training and games on time and on a regular basis;

    3.8 The child or parents must comply with the following rules for JK Infonet members

    Alerting the coach in advance if a player is unable to attend practice or is late for practice;
    Wearing jewellery at training and games is not allowed; Permanent earrings must be covered with a medical plaster;
    Members of JK Infonet shall represent JK Infonet and its sponsors with dignity;
    If a player's performance at school is unsatisfactory - action should be taken together with the parents, which can range from a warning to suspension for some time from training or competition;
    without the coach's permission, players are not allowed to take part in football events not organised by JK Infonet;
    Training can take place under any circumstances and weather conditions, unless otherwise advised by the coach;
    players must not train or play with injury or fever;
    Baseball caps must not be worn at training;
    a player must be able to dress themselves and tie their own laces and parents should encourage and facilitate this;
    all players must help collect all equipment after practice;
    3.9 The accompanying person observing the training process must comply with these rules of conduct:

    accompanying persons, during training sessions and games, may be present ONLY in the stands. During training sessions in the halls, no chaperones are allowed to be present;
    no chaperones are allowed on the pitch;
    Chaperones must be tactful and respectful towards the coaching staff, management of JK Infonet and the training, to react to the remarks and strictly obey the regulations;
    smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is NOT permitted in the stadium;
    no foul language, loud talking, distracting the players or the coach from the lesson;
    the attendant has no right to interfere with the training process;
    The attendant may not exert any kind of pressure on his/her own or another child;
    Any dealings with your child during the session must be agreed with the coach;
    The coach must agree on any relationship with his/her child during the session;
    Smoking, alcoholism, drugs, as well as obscene and uncultured behaviour, profanity, rudeness to teachers, causing any kind of bodily harm to other persons are not allowed;
    Children and others may not be allowed to act in a way that endangers the life or health of children or other persons;

  4. Children and accompanying persons are not allowed to have any weapons in their possession:
    Weapons of all kinds, including gas, cold steel; flammable and explosive substances, knives and sharp objects, except for items for sewing and personal hygiene.
    Self-defence items (stun guns, gas guns, rubber truncheons, etc.).
    Pyrotechnic toys (firecrackers, crackers, etc.), equipment that can cause injury (skateboards, roller skates, scooters, etc.) and toys that fire plastic bullets.
    Perishable foodstuffs, cigarettes, lighters, matches and any type of alcohol.
    Strongly effective medication. If such medication is necessary, parents should give it to the coach and inform him/her of the conditions/schedule for taking it.
    Printed, audio/video/computer products containing propaganda of immoral behaviour, violence and pornography.
    The JK Infonet coach reserves the right to confiscate socially dangerous items and keep them until the end of the class. An attempt to obtain (buy, "get") the above prohibited items as well as finding them in the possession of the child during the class will be deemed an illegal action.
  5. Rules for returning a child to his/her legal representative at the end of the session.

    5.1 Children will complete the session in an orderly manner, at an agreed time, and will be handed over by the coach to the Parent (legal representative) or leave on their own. The Parent (legal representative) shall be responsible for the life and health of the child at the end of the session. If the child is late, the parent shall notify the coach and the reason for the delay. The coach waits for the parents at the place of arrival for one hour and makes every effort to give the child to the next of kin (phone calls, visits to the address if possible). If waiting is not possible, the coach has the right to transfer the coach to any other employee of JK Infonet. In case of prolonged absence (1 hour or more), the coach has the right to hand over the child to the nearest police station.
    5.2 A parent has the right to submit complaints and suggestions to the office of JK Infonet, which will be reviewed within three days and a substantive answer given.

  6. Rules for expulsion of a child from JK Infonet.
    6.1 The management of JK Infonet has the right to expel a child for the following reasons:
    Gross violation of own security measures, breach of regime, unauthorised leaving the class;
    Stealing, extortion, threatening, causing moral or physical harm by the child towards other children;
    Causing significant, intentional material damage to JK Infonet;
    Use of alcohol, drugs or smoking;
    Discovery that a child has a medical contraindication or chronic medical condition that is not specified in the application or medical certificates, which may adversely affect their health during training sessions.
    Spreading and promoting smoking, drinking, drugs, as well as lewd and uncultured behaviour, profanity, rudeness to teachers, inflicting any bodily harm to others.
    Committing acts endangering the life or health of children or people;
    Repeatedly violating these rules;
    6.2 In case of expulsion of a child from JK Infonet compensation for the unused lessons will not be given.
    6.3 The parents of a child shall be liable for damage caused to the property of JK Infonet in accordance with the procedure established by law.